The maintenance contract is crucial in this project. You can compare it with the relationship between tenant and landlord. Jan De Nul must maintain everything and carry out all necessary repairs to keep the building in a good state for thirty years.

The maintenance assignment required intensive preparations. As Building Techniques Supervisor, Kristof Dhondt worked on it for two years. “A 30-year maintenance period is a lot longer than we are used to. For these school buildings, we must try to assess the complete lifecycle of our materials. If we go for durable materials now, we will save money later on.”

"Within twenty years, we will still know what the temperature in every school was"

Kristof Dhondt“In a first phase, we made a selection of suppliers. To assure the quality, we solely selected well-established companies with a good reputation. We also benefited from group discounts as it involved fourteen projects.”

“In a second phase, we standardised our installations so that these would look exactly the same in every school. For instance: every boiler room has the same valves, the same lay-out. We notice that this method is already bearing fruit, we can very easily adjust the installations."

Once the school construction works have been accepted, the maintenance period enters into effect. Part of Jan De Nul’s assignment is reporting on the monthly meter readings. “These meter readings are logged fully automatically. All data is transmitted to servers and can be interpreted using the same software tool which we are already using for the maintenance of the Jan De Nul fleet. We’ve taken over this technology and adapted it to school applications.”

“This allows us to save all meter or temperatures readings. Within five or twenty years, we will still know today’s temperature in every school. Whenever a school would impose a fine or lodge a complaint, we must be able to dispute it with our figures.”

“Besides, all data are also connected to our maintenance software. Every deviating value is transmitted to it. This allows us to react swiftly to problems or defects and to establish whether we should contact the school, send in a technician or purchase material... We also keep an overview of which maintenance tasks have already been executed and whether we should adjust the maintenance schedule. We not only report to our client but also internally we are continuously monitoring and assessing all installations.”

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