Bridges, tunnels and viaducts

Seen from the air, the whole trajectory of the A11 – from the industrial estate ‘Blauwe Toren’ near Bruges to Westkapelle –looks particularly impressive. Bridges, entry roads and exits and roundabouts form joint interchanges at several points of the track.

Often, the engineering structures are not situated at ground level but have been raised or buried.

“The main reason for this is environmental, as we wanted to avoid to the maximum extent possible that the A11 would not stand out  as an obstacle in the beautiful polder environment”, says Koen Van Regenmortel, who was responsible for the engineering structures of this mega-project. “We wanted to safeguard the lines of sight, ensure that neighbouring meadows get sufficient light and protect the local fauna. We also had to bridge quite a few waterways and main roads. And, obviously, the 15 kilometres of bicycle tracks that we created also had to cross the highway at frequent intervals. All this led to a considerable number of passages, with the viaduct at the Baudouin Canal being our most striking feature.”

“We also found it important to protect the visitors and residents of neighbouring polder villages from noise disturbance. It is for this reason that the A11 goes underground in places, and includes a one and a half kilometre tunnel near Westkapelle, plus noise barriers wherever they were needed, particularly along the viaduct.” 

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