Imagine. Think. Act.

Whatever we do, we never lose sight of our goal: solutions you can build on, working safely and efficiently, delivery within time and budget, unburdened clients.
How do we do this? We imagine where we want to go to (IMAGINE), think about how we will do this (THINK) en turn words into deeds to achieve results (ACT). In this way, we always maintain operational control.

It is how we work.

This is not an empty slogan. Our ITA programme actively supports our corporate culture. More, it is the core of who we are and makes several building blocks of our culture tangible.

  • Our Just Culture, through which we focus on motivation, learning and improving. Time and time again.
  • Our ITA ambassadors embody our corporate culture. One by one, they are driven by their will to improve. Always thinking critically about how we work. Eager to learn and share experiences. With a relentless enthusiasm and a no-nonsense mentality. We’ve nearly reached the milestone of 400 ITA ambassadors.
  • Our ITA challenge, through which we give the floor to our colleagues on ships and projects worldwide, who show us how they came up with efficient, safe and solid solutions. More than once, these solutions result from intensive interdepartmental cooperation.
  • That is our One Team. One Plan approach. Together with our clients and subcontractors, we strive for operational excellence.

In 2019, we will continue to promote and strengthen our culture, which enables us to work together with enthusiastic colleagues, satisfied clients and happy stakeholders.
IMAGINE. THINK. ACT. This is how we work. This is who we are.






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