Imagine. Think. Act.

Under the impetus of a motivated management, which signed the ITA charter in early 2017, ITA was rolled out on the ships and the construction sites. We did not have to wait long for positive feedback. On the contrary, the ITA Ambassador Workshop is eagerly attended. ITA ambassadors live, work and breathe ITA! ITA helps us focus on having full control over what we do and on better communication on various – sometimes critical – operations. Worldwide, following important consultations with staff, a Critical Operations Pocket manual was successfully distributed and discussed with staff.

One team, one plan.

Operational control means that we have a plan to deal with risks and that we have clear leadership and the required sense of responsibility to implement ITA. Stop and Rethink, at all stages of implementation. This assessment and questioning, provided a simple solution, that earned Jan De Nul Group an IADC Safety Award in 2017 for the optimization of moving and transporting dredging pipes.

ITA lives in all layers of our organization: from the worker on the construction site to the executive team.  Everyone imagines, rethinks and acts, alone and as part of one team and one plan! ITA is more than just an abbreviation that sounds catchy, it is a way of working that should be adopted by everyone, both individually and in team. It should be a reflex. That is exactly why we will continue to share the ITA message even more in 2018.  Initiatives such as a poster campaign and a new ITA website are on their way.  Moving forward, ITA will continue  to innovate and achieve more excellent results, and build on the success to date.   

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