Jan De Nul Group stands for innovation and new technologies, without losing sight of sustainability, corporate social responsibility and safety. The group goes beyond the obligations and needs specific to its sectors and takes up its social responsibility by investing in human capital, environmental protection and relationships with others. In our activities, we always have the future in mind and we always deliver high quality and prosperity, with respect for people and the planet.


Sustainable management or management with a human face means on the one hand resolutely and continuously investing in our own human capital and knowledge. On the other hand, we ensure that the relationships with our partners, suppliers, subcontractors and customers are sustainable. We are also more than aware of the importance of sustainable relationships with society, the living environment and the people populating it. Mutual respect is a condition. Jan De Nul Group is pleased to share materials and logistics forces along with its knowledge and work ethic with local communities.   

 Acting ethically and sustainably is a condition.


As a global player, we are more than aware of our impact on our planet. That is exactly why we are constantly trying to separate our environmental footprint from our growth: a precarious exercise that we perform on a daily basis in our projects and techniques. We create valuable sustainable solutions to do more, with fewer resources. Or even better: to create infinite chances in a finite world. We strive to limit pollution and waste, reduce our energy consumption and protect biodiversity. Moreover, the group also resolutely plays the card of circular economy and brownfield development.

In short: for Jan De Nul Group, sustainability is more than just a nice adjective that does an excellent job between innovative and ground-breaking!

For more information about our sustainable initiatives we like to refer to our biennial CSR-report.

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