Corporate Social Responsibility.


In 2017, our first CSR report was published. It listed the numerous sustainable initiatives that are currently in process within Jan De Nul Group. Following this, we have now engaged our first CSR manager to develop for Jan De Nul an overall vision and strategy for CSR awareness.

Our CSR story is everyone’s story, the commitment of all our employees is a major priority. For the short term, we’ve established three pillars, meanwhile setting the target to finalise our CSR strategy in the course of 2019. First, we will examine how we can reduce our impact on water and air (air quality, fine particles and CO2 emissions, submarine biodiversity...) during all our activities. Secondly, we continue to invest in human capital, both in our own employees by way of training courses and FIT initiatives and in the local communities. And we also remain committed to meeting all regulations and standards that promote sustainable entrepreneurship. Last but not least, innovation and engineering remain our answer and remedy to keep our impact as small as possible: nature-based solutions, our ULEV vessels, research initiatives on wind energy, etc.


Our CSR-story is everyone's story

To improve and guard our ecological responsibility, social solidarity and economic sustainability, we strive for a good balance between the 5 Ps (People, Planet, Prosperity, Peace en Partnerships). We apply the sustainable development goals of the United Nations as a compass for defining our CSR policy. These are 17 ambitious sustainable development goals that must encourage us to take action in domains that are crucial for humanity and the planet. You can read more about all this in our new CSR report.






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