Fast track to Denmark

Creative planning

In fast-track projects, it is of vital importance that equipment can be mobilised rapidly and be sent equally smoothly to its next destination. For the assignment in Odense in Denmark, we mobilised a trailing suction hopper dredger and the smallest cutter dredger from the Jan De Nul fleet within a short term. Geert De Brouwer and Ludwig Mertens from the logistics department helped us in realising a rapid start-up.
“There are a number of criteria that always play a part when searching for the best possible solution: time, cost and the size and weight of the goods", Geert explains. “We individually assess every assignment but with all projects currently being executed in Europe, this exercise is becoming increasingly complex as we are falling short of the necessary equipment. In Odense, we needed 80 rubber hoses but this amount was not available in our outdoor warehouse in Zelzate, where we have over 19 acres of storage space for all on-shore pipelines and bigger pieces of equipment. We found a creative solution by sending part of the goods that had to be returned from a project in Filyos in Turkey directly to Denmark. Considering the urgency, the equipment was transported by road.

We towed a pontoon on which we loaded our smallest cutter dredger in one part.

While the project team in Odense had already begun to build an on-shore pipeline with the hoses already available to them, a transport ship conveyed the rest. The logistic department also organised the transport of parts from a project in Finland. “There have been a great many logistic flows to get all equipment in Denmark in a timely manner”, confirms Ludwig. “For instance, because our smallest cutter dredger Hendrik Geeraert is too small for a sea trip all by itself, we organised a tow with a pontoon of 80m long and 20m wide, on which, together with extra cargo, we loaded the vessel in one part.”

 “It all took quite some doing but it was a fast and solid mobilisation”, says Geert in retrospect. “The pontoons were crucial. Without this solution, the whole project would have fallen apart.” Ludwig agrees with his colleague: “For Odense, we didn’t get any order that wasn’t urgent. In addition, the demobilisation of all this equipment came with very strict deadlines. We had no minute to waste when dismounting the pipes because the Hendrik Geeraert was needed elsewhere. We can be satisfied with the result.”

Well-oiled chain
Planning, organisation, execution. Jan De Nul Group never refuses to take up a challenge. Geert and Ludwig are unanimous: “We are not afraid to tackle the most outrageous challenges. The opportunities that you get here are unique; you will not find them anywhere else. Everyone appreciates you for your contribution. At Jan De Nul, every employee is a link in a well-oiled chain. If the chain does not run smoothly, a project cannot be started. We are all aware of this.”


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