Intense coordination

For the first time, the environment division has used a dredger such as Pinta.  Effective coordination between onshore and offshore is of crucial importance in this project. Ricardo João Almeida and Olivier De Lange are the Onshore and Offshore Superintendents. “Olivier informs me which dredged material we may expect so that we can prepare our plant to receive it”, explains Ricardo. And Olivier adds: “And the other way round, Ricardo informs me when maintenance works are needed or if there is some problem or other with the plant so that we know we have to stop dredging for a while.”

"Effective coordination between onshore and offshore is crucial."

At the same time, this is not a typical project for the dredging division. Again Olivier: “As the dewatering plant has been designed for processing 1,000 m³ of sediments per day, we can only dredge for around one hour per twelve-hour shift, which is totally different to a conventional dredging project, during which we dredge round the clock.”

Aiming at 100%

The maintenance of the plant is a huge challenge for the team as the plant operates on a 24/7 basis. Technical Supervisor Stijn Van Poucke explains: “This plant has been especially built for this project, which inevitably brings about some teething problems. Our priority is keeping the plant 100% operational. This is not at all obvious, you always have parts that break down, come to a standstill, or need servicing. You can leave a perfectly running plant in the evening and come back in the morning and detect that the plant has come to a complete standstill.”

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