Lowering and ballasting the construction

The foundations each weigh as much as the Eiffel Tower and are installed at a depth of 18 and 22 metre, with a very high level of accuracy. A tugboat brought the barge to the exact location at sea. The barge itself could be gradually lowered into the water, down to a depth of 22 metre with maximum 12 metre of water above deck. In this position, the structures could float off the deck. Subsequently, the floating structure was hoisted to its exact position by the heavy lift vessel Rambiz. From that moment on, the integrated ballast system did its job: the ballast tanks filled themselves with water, thus lowering the structure to the seabed.

"Everything in one package!"

Then, the foundations were ballasted using the new multi-purpose vessel Adhémar de Saint-Venant. Finally, gravel and rock was installed all around the foundations to protect them against erosion. Structural Engineering Manager Tom Vermeersch is proud of what the team achieved: “As a company, offering the design, the construction and the offshore installation in one package, is actually rather unique. It can set an example for future projects.”


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