Other projects in Northern Europe

Jan De Nul is designing and building a 900-m quay wall with berths and quay surfaces in Odense, Denmark. The site soil contains a lot of peat, an extremely compressible material that is not suitable for reclamation and must be dredged very accurately to restrict the loss of dredged sand that can be used to the maximum extent possible.

The rapidly growing container terminals at the Polish Baltic Sea ports of Gdansk and Gdynia require access channels to be deepened to -18m over 4 km to take the biggest container ships. True to the circular economy philosophy, dredged sand is used to replenish beaches on the peninsula Hel to the north of Gdansk, at a sailing distance of 60km. Here as well, our decision to use the mega-trailing suction hopper dredger Cristobal Colon allowed us to submit a highly competitive offer but at the same time, this choice raises major logistic challenges in the preparatory phase.

Jan De Nul is also active in Latvia, Lithuania and Germany. The port of Liepaja (Latvia) has corn as its main export product. Jan De Nul is deepening the access channel to -12.5m so that large corn exporting vessels can leave the port full to the brim. In KlaipÄ—da (Lithuania) and in Hamburg (Germany), we are responsible for maintenance dredging works in the port. In Cuxhaven, we are involved in the preparations for deepening the Elbe, building a 7-km underwater depot for storing dredge spoil.

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