Overall solutions

The Beatrix lock is the first major hydraulic engineering project for Jan De Nul in the Netherlands. Project Engineer Civil Works Jens Van der Auwera is the intermediary between the design team and operational staff. He does this job as representative of Jan De Nul on behalf of the joint venture Sas van Vreeswijk:
“This project shows that the Netherlands appreciate our expertise in lock and waterway construction works.”

“Through our daughter company Soetaert, we have comprehensive in-house expertise in foundation techniques.  This enabled us to perform the major part of the foundation works for the new lock chamber ourselves. We opted for diaphragm walls rather than driven piled walls. In this way, we limited the nuisance from vibrations and noise that is inevitably from driven piled solutions. Where sheet pile walls were required we used a low-vibration process based on high-frequency vibratory hammers with a variable moment. We were able to further reduce the vibrations by pre-drilling holes in advance of inserting the piles. 
Clients are increasingly looking for joint ventures that can offer a wide range of expertise. Jan De Nul and its partners successfully demonstrated this flexible approach using modern environmentally sensitive techniques on this project.”

After the construction of the third lock chamber, the two existing lock chambers will be fully renovated. Sas van Vreeswijk will also widen the Lek canal to the south of the lock complex by an extra 120m over a distance of 1 km to give ships plenty of space for manoeuvring into the new lock chamber. This will be carried out simultaneously with the demolition of the old dike.  A new dike will be constructed before removing the existing dyke so that the area is protected during high tides. To the north of the locks, the canal will be widened over a 2 -km distance by an extra 45 to 90m to create extra berths.

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