Jan De Nul Academy

Finding creative, innovative and successful solutions to a problem requires well-trained and talented employees. The Jan De Nul Academy encourages lifelong learning and keeping skills and knowledge up-to-date through continuous development and progress reviews.

Last year,  new training matrices were set up for the dredging department, the civil department and Envisan, our environmental colleagues.  These programmes vary and are extremely diverse: with both internal and external trainers, developing both hard and soft skills, in a classroom environment but also in a workshop setting. For the offshore services too, a new training matrix is in development.

Our global activities in 2017 prompted us to develop an online platform, our eAcademy, in addition to classroom based training. On the new platform, e-learning modules are offered, some mandatory, others optional. Online access gives employees the possibility to view the various training modules and give feedback on the courses followed including those with classroom training. That feedback helps us to continue to fine tune the teaching materials. In the first quarter of 2018, the new e-module library will be officially made available online where users can see a library that will be gradually supplemented with new materials. By the end of the year 2018 we expect the number of online modules on offer to have doubled.

By mid-2018, some of the e-learning modules will be available to follow on board Jan De Nul ships (or vessels).  That way, knowledge and know-how will be geared to everyone’s career: at the office, on a construction site and even on board. Well-trained, motivated and committed people are not only a plus for Jan De Nul Group, the employees themselves also get a great boost. Knowledge enriches people, on all levels.

"Jan De Nul Group invests in its largest capital asset, its people."

The Jan De Nul Academy is part of the KPI Department, set up in 2016. KPI represents Knowledge, Processes and Innovation. Besides ensuring and transferring knowledge and know-how, we are studying how specific business processes can be improved. Mostly connected with innovation!


After years of ad hoc sporting initiatives, a much more comprehensive internal programme was set up in early 2017: FIT. Food, In balance and Training & sports.

Healthier eating is being promoted at the office, on board and at the construction sites. From a salad bar and fruit at the office, to chefs on the ships who make every effort to spoil crew and staff with culinary treats, right through to participating together in Days Without Meat. It was just a start, but a delicious start.

What also contributes positively to health, for both the employees and the company is the work- life balance, the personal balance. Work pressure, burnout, stress, you name it. It is inseparably linked to these hectic times. Jan De Nul Group is convinced that a good work-life balance bring tangible benefits to both the company and the individual.    Recent satisfaction surveys has gauged the extent to which that balance is experienced by employees and in 2018 we will start working with the results. At the end of 2017, several successful yoga initiations were held at the office and  during 2018 we will organize yoga classes twice a week at the office. Namaste.

Enjoying sport together with colleagues had been a Jan De Nul habit for many years. However, with the FIT programme, it all became a tad more official. Dressed in a fluorescent yellow FIT shirt, colleagues started to run together, and within a few weeks they were running five kilometres. For many, it did not stop there but remained a nice habit during lunchbreak. The Drakenbootrace in Antwerp, an inclusive Pentathlon in Gooik, the Baggerzeilweekend, Climbing for Life, the SmartRun in Luxembourg, a triathlon in Bruges, etc. This is just a selection from a varied range of activities that our FIT colleagues took part in together. How is that for teambuilding?



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