Knowledge. Processes and innovations

 K. Knowledge. The capital letter K of knowledge is one of the three building blocks of our KPI team.Our objectives are crystal clear: on the one hand we aim to keep on learning new things and, on the other hand, we want to share our experience with colleagues across the boundaries of our different departments. Within the JDN Academy, we offer a wide range of training courses. Year after year, to an ever increasing number of people. In the long run, every colleague - in the office, on a site or on a vessel - will be given his or her own tailored profile. The follow-up of these courses is organised by JDN's eAcademy. On this platform, we also offer e-modules. The first modules have been launched in 2018. 2019 will be crucial with the introduction of at least 50 new modules.

Also in 2018, we tested the Expert Academy, an online knowledge management platform on which colleagues can swiftly share knowledge and retrieve the required expertise for our projects.

P. Processes. These may become disrupted or may no longer be geared to one another. If so, they will no serve their purpose, i.e. guiding people in performing their job as efficently as possible. For this reason, we are currently streamlining and optimising our business processes: data collection and processing, data dash-boarding, project action lists, project management manual, etc.

I. Innovation. A word that is sometimes used too easily. We, however, are innovation. Sicne 2018, all our projects - both internal and external ones - are mapped and geared to one another. This not only provides us with a better overview, it will also give us a higher and broader return. Only in this way, we can raise awareness, within and beyond our company.

"Jan De Nul Group invests in its largest capital asset, its people."

The Jan De Nul Academy is part of the KPI Department, set up in 2016. KPI represents Knowledge, Processes and Innovation. Besides ensuring and transferring knowledge and know-how, we are studying how specific business processes can be improved. Mostly connected with innovation!



2018 marked the second year of this internal wellbeing campaign, which shows how Jan De Nul invests in its people. It was a good FIT year, with teething problems being resolved. What's more, our FIT programme is in great shape, and available to everyone. In 2018, we launched a survey into the use of FIT on-board of our vessels. The wide ranging survey polled for the commitment and interest in our FIT programme. The results were very interesting and after discussions with our captains we will start rolling out in 2019 the projects that have been identified as having top priority. These include: expanding the sport equipment, offering healthy snacks and updating our offer of contemporary leisure activities, both individually and in groups. A healthy mind in a healthy body. For all our crew!

FIT is becoming increasingly popular, not only on-board of our vessels but also on projects and in offices wordwide. For sites abroad, we've drawn up guidelines as to which initiatives may be awarded the FIT label.

Meanwhile, in Aalst and Luxemburg, we've been hiking, cycling, paying volleyball, cooking, tasting tea, swimming, rowing, sailing, we then did some more hiking and cycling, for good causes, as well as arranging two-weekly yoga sessions for extra participation. Building up one by one these positive initiatives we strive to get the best out of our people and teams.

The highlight of 2018 was undoubtedly the FIT family day. 400 colleagues and 850 family members had an absolute field day in sun-drenched Pairi Daiza, building bridges between work and private life and between colleagues worldwide. A great teambuilding event that in 2019 will no doubt have a sequel!



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