• 5 valorization centres worldwide
  • 420000 ton ton of soil ( cleaned in our centres )
  • 230000 ton ton of sediment ( cleaned in our centres )
  • 510 millions of litres of purified groundwater ( (or about 160 Olympic swimming pools) )

Our answer to environmental issues: Envisan.

We cannot escape it. The climate, the environment, recycling, clean-ups and the circular economy are hot topics. Now, let these hot topics be the core business of Envisan, Jan De Nul Group's Environment Division.



Circular solutions

Circular Solutions for a better planet

This tagline perfectly fits Envisan’s remediation and valorisation activities. This is what Envisan has on offer.

First word: circular. That’s obvious. With its solutions, Envisan contributes to a circular economy, always aiming at valorisation and a maximum re-use of raw materials. Sometimes, clients may not always follow us in this pursuit, for economic or budgetary reasons. But, in principle, maximum re-use is always the primary goal.
Second word: solutions. Equally obvious. Envisan is not just another contractor, it thinks along with the client. Thanks to major R&D efforts, Envisan is able to deliver unique innovative solutions for the treatment of polluted soil and sediments. Soilutions, in other words. After a comprehensive analysis, a concept is defined and then realised. This can be done on a stand-alone basis, but also in support of or in cooperation with other Jan De Nul Group companies.
A better planet. Indeed. Not just ‘a cleaner planet’. We don’t stop after having cleaned up sites. We redevelop sites, both in ports and on land. Brownfields, such as the former gas plant site in Lier, a black spot within the landscape, are redeveloped into beautiful residential and living areas amidst a garden park, by the water. An ecological blackspot turned into an economic hotspot!

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